Part III of  The AFG Photo Exhibition

by Landry A. 27th July till 10th August

[sws_divider_bar4 barsize=”500″] [/sws_divider_bar4] ‘The lewd become chaste. The miser chucks handfuls of his gold out of the windows, the soldier hero sets fire to the town he had formerly risked his life to save. Dandies deck themselves out and stroll among the charnel houses.’ Artaud, Antonin. The theatre and its double, 1938.

According Artaud at this point theatre establishes itself. Theatre taken as the gratuitous urgency driven to perform useless acts of no present advantage. Theatre as the plague, it’s a contagious delirium. Shall we ask ourselves what was first? theatre or catharsis, the chicken or the egg…”
(Raul Ligre)

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